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Look What's Inside -  Learn:

  • How To Lose Weight, Look Beautiful, and Start Glowing
  • How To Effectively Navigate Your Health Food Store's Supplement Aisle With Ease
  • 3 Simple Strategies To Extinguish Afternoon Energy Burnout
  • Discover The 7 Pillars To An Incredible and Vibrant Life
  • Why This One Nutrient Is Your Ticket To Turn Back The Clock
  • How This Simple Written Exercise Will Sharpen Your Awareness On Health And Mindset
  • What A "Conscious Creator" Is and How To Manifest It -Today!

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Because you have a goal and this course is going to help you achieve it - it gets FAST and PROVEN RESULTS!

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I’m that crazy happy cheerleader rah-rahing about amazing health all the time.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Just two years ago last November, I was bedridden, suicidal, miserably in pain, both mentally and physically – filled to the teeth with medications and almost died.

I pulled myself up and created a simple step by step common sense solution for getting myself not only well and healthy, but fully alive and radiant! I am filled with amazing energy, health and high intensity vitality!!



No matter where you find yourself healthwise… I am going to give you all the tools so you can double or even triple your health, energy and vitality!! Or your money back!

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  • Learn The Secret to Creating Healthy Habits That Serve You!

    Old limiting habits that don’t serve you seem hard to break. In just the first module, you’ll learn how to easily shake off those habits that seem so hard to break, and learn easy techniques to help you create and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

  • STOP the Biggest Drain of Your Energy - Get IN HERE & Zap It TODAY!

    Stress creates physical demands on the body that drains you of your energy. Who needs that?!! When you apply the simple techniques included in this course, you can learn to easily control your stress, even in some of the most stressful situations! These techniques can help you deal with life changing stressors like a physical move, job change,  or anything. Life can literally change in an instant for you.

  • Start Dropping the Pounds!

    Who feels good when they’re carrying around a few extra pounds? It’s no fun and you just don’t feel like yourself. Besides, we all know it is just not healthy. Learn the diet that the successful and super health conscious rely on for trim and supple bodies! And it’s nt a secret, it works for EVERYBODY! No exceptions! And YES! Chocolate <in moderation 😉 of course>, is included!

  • No MORE Feeling Overwhelmed, Frustrated or Confused!

    Health can feel SUPER overwhelming as one magazine say one thing, a tv show says another and then all of a sudden, coffee is healthy again! WOW! However does the media do that to us?? This course will take the confusion out of knowing what to eat, drink, and which supplements are actually good for you. Getting healthy will no longer be a big hurdle to jump over or a puzzle only the celebrity’s seem able to solve. This one is for YOU girlie!!!

  • Oooooh, The Biggest Secret of Successful High Energy People REVEALED!

    You’ve seen her. Sashaying through the day getting everything accomplished like it’s no big deal. However does she have that much energy? You want that? Get your nalgas in here so you can start sashaying from morning to night and everybody will be saying that about YOU!

Real Success Stories, From Real People!

Here's What Is Included In This Awesome Course!

  • Module 1:



    You already own a winning mindset – learn how to tap into it instantly Break free of habits that don’t serve you Learn how to create helpful habits which do serve you Learn how to create personal identities quickly that you want to step into and become – truly magical! Learn the simple way of getting present – immediately
  • Module 2:


    Learn how to breathe fire into a tired and fatigued body

    Crush stress immediately

    Slow down the aging process – using oxygen as a powerful antioxidant

    Learn how to lose weight through breathing properly

    Learn what kind of breather you are and how to breathe properly to gain immense benefits

    Create perfect posture

  • Module 3:


    Learn why water is the fountain of youth

    Why some water is literally dehydrating to the body creating premature aging – what H2O are you drinking?

    Banish headaches, dry mouth, muscle cramps, anxiety, brain fog and more with proper hydration strategies

    Debunked – why drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day is a myth and how much you really need

    Build massive energy through tactical hydration strategies

  • Module 4:


    Understand conventional food vs. organic and why may or may not be better than another

    Learn why you are what you eat and… what you eat – eats

    Use food as your beauty products and watch wrinkles smooth

    What vegetable oils are good for you and what oils are just plain trash to the body

    Learn how to navigate the supermarket and some useful shopping tips

    Get some new healthy and easy to create recipes for quick healthy meals

  • Module 5:


    Learn what blood sugar really means for your health and energy

    Learn why it ages you and steals your energy when it’s out of whack

    Learn how to stop those midday slumps

    Learn the 6 pillars of a meal

    Tips on getting your body alkaline immediately

    Includes my time-saving personal and simple to prepare breakfast recipe (I eat this every morning!)

  • Module 6:


    Learn how to lose weight and tone up quickly

    Learn why exercise is so important for good health, amazing energy and a youthful appearance

    Learn how the right exercise can slow down aging, help you sleep better & decrease your chances of getting sick

    A simple 12 minute exercise (a few times a week) equal to 1 hour of intense cardio you can do with most any exercise

    Great tips and how to’s for those with exercise phobia

    You don’t have to go to a gym – learn some fun & simple exercises you can do anywhere, anytime

  • Module 7:


    Gain a thorough understanding of what sleep does for the body

    Understand what happens to your brain and body without enough sleep

    Lifestyle habits to help you sleep better

    A simple exercise you can do right before you sleep that can to help you to sleep better without worry

    Secret ancient Chinese secret that will help you to sleep better and can strengthen your eyesight too (I’ve bettered my vision in my left eye by .25!)


Now You Can Create A Life For Yourself Filled With Health, Energy & Incredible Vitality!

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Lynnie Wennerstrom,

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Superwoman Health, Energy & Vitality - A Complete Plan and Guide
The Simple Way To A Crazy, Awesome, Healthy YOU!

I graduated from Taoist Health & Results Coach, Elwin Robinson's three Academy's and from Clinical Herbalist Valerie Blankenship's Sage Herbal Foundations Program and have taken so many college level courses and attended so many health summits - it's CRAZY! BUT, that is fantabulous news for YOU! Because I NEVER skimp sharing what I have learned - EVER! So you are the beneficiary of all my knowledge! This online course is going to change your life and blow your mind! And ... your energy levels!

Get Started Today - Here Is What You Get:

  • Actionable Videos to Guide You In Every Module
  • Easy Printable Worksheets and PDF’s To Make It More Comprehensive
  • Accountability Emails To Help You Stay On Track!
  • An Amazing FaceBook Community and Peer Support!
  • Extra Bonus Tools To Take Your Health Journey To Even Higher High's!
  • My Inspiring Content-Loaded & Actionable 108 page eBook!

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • A 5-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet to Make Meal Time, Easy Simple Healthy Time!
  • Digital Copy of e-book: "Seven Simple Steps To A Crazy, Awesome, Healthy You"
  • Every Successful Person Has A Blockbuster Winning Morning Routine, And Now You Will Too!

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Who Is This Course For?

    A.If you are a person who is tired of carrying extra weight around, frustrated and overwhelmed by trying to find the right foods, the right diet and want the lowdown on how to supplement, how to reduce the inflammation in your body to stop disease, if you care about your health and you care about the future of the planet, this course is for you. If you already know everything there is to know about creating amazing health, energy and vitality for yourself, and you understand all about  the food supply, the pH of the body and why it is so important, and if you already understand and know how to balance your blood sugar as well as the ins and outs of how the body works, this course is definitely not for you.

  • Q.How Much Time Will This Course Take To Complete?

    A.This is a 7-week course broken down into easy to understand and manageable modules of information.  Every week, 7 days from the start of the previous module, a new module will be released and thereby accessible. You can come back over and over to take a refresher or to see what’s new as you have access to the entire course so long as you want.

  • Q.Will I Have To Completely Overhaul My Life and Diet?

    A.The better question to ask yourself is: Do I want to have amazing health, energy that rocks my world, & dazzling vibrancy? If the answer is,” YES! Bring it ON!!! I am ready to commit!!!” Then you will learn all about our food supply and then you will make the choice as to whether or not you want, or even need to, overhaul your life and diet. Chances are, little changes to move yourself forward will be sufficient.

  • Q.Will This Teach Me How I Need To Eat, The Best Diet For Me?

    A.This course is going to teach you all about food. From the way food is grown and harvested, to how it is processed (or not) and what is good for your body and exactly what doesn’t serve you and why. It will guide you through the best foods to eat and in the bonuses, you’ll find a fantabulous surprise!

  • Q.Will This Course Help Me To Lose Weight?

    A.Absolutely! If you follow all the modules and put everything I teach you into practice, it would help you to balance your body systems, know how to eat for optimum health which should definitely help you to lose weight. This course will empower you for life because what I teach is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. It is 7 simple elements that you put into practice each day to guide you to not only weight loss, but to looking and feeling younger, with more energy and sass!!!

  • Q.How Long Before I Have More Energy?

    A.That is a very good question and the answer is; “I don’t know!” It all depends upon you! If you put into practice everything I will teach you, you can count on more energy, more restful sleep and happier thoughts in your head within a week or two. It’s really that simple!

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee